Raul has been a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ for 39 years. He grew up in Norwalk, California and resides in La Mirada, California. He is a husband and father of eight (six girls and two boys). A proud husband, father and Reverend for the community.

Raul, never dreamed of running for office, but when things moved to a destructive socially and economically environment, he knew it was time to put on God’s armor and go to battle. Raul, decided to run for Assembly District 64 as it has been met with neglect, failed policies, chaos and turmoil. His concerns are safe neighborhoods, the homeless crisis, high taxes, CRT in school curriculums, open borders and drugs on the streets. Like any husband and father, there is a growing concern that is prominently visible of great concern of the direction this district is going in. However, there is hope. Raul is here to bring what is needed to this district to make a swift and effective change.

Rev. Raul Ortiz Jr., will eliminate unconstitutional mandates, protect the life of every unborn and born child, medical freedom, election integrity, honor our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, proper education and full parental rights just to name a few. With Rev. Raul Ortiz’s moral and principled conscience and stature, the 64th District can expect a productive, safe, successful community. It takes a village to build together, it takes the right leader to make it happen. With full confidence this district will be represented by a man, who will solely work for the people in his community.